The MARR Quality Management System has been developed in order to enable us to meet our objectives, among which quality, safety and the capability of providing products and services which meet clients’ requirements are priorities.
ISO 9001 certification of the Management Quality System is carried out by a licensed, internationally recognized external body, for the following purpose: “Commercializing, processing, storing, packaging and distribution of food products, disposable complementary products, products for the hygiene of the person and of the environment and other products meant for commercial catering and collective catering. Design and provision od delivery services and after-sales technical assistance in the catering sector. Development of proprietary branded products”.
In order to ensure that all phases of the production and distribution process comply fully with the relevant national and EU control standards, MARR has achieved certified standards with regard to supply chain, products, and health and hygiene self-control, which conform to the following regulations:
- UNI 10854:1999 - Guidelines for the planning and fulfillment of a self-control system based on the HACCP method
- ISO 22000:2005 – Food safety management system
- ISO 22005:2008 - Traceability system for food processing companies
- Traceability of beef  (Regulation EC n. 1760/2000) and voluntary labelling system according to the Regulation (EU) N. 653/2014 and to the Italian Ministerial Decree dated 16 January 2015,  with voluntary labeling  specification  (IT 124 ET) deposited at the  Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF)
In order to ensure that all of the requirements regarding quality and safety are respected, specific measures for process and product control are enacted at all of our production sites.

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Process control is carried out by applying food safety procedures (which include the control of foodstuffs on arrival from our suppliers and multiple checks during the phases of storage and manufacturing, and transport and delivery to our clients), and by the use of a computerized control system of the cold chain.
Product control involves serial sampling in various phases of the distribution and manufacturing cycles in order to verify compliance of foodstuffs with the regulations governing labeling, microbiological and product characteristics and absence of residues and prohibited substances. In fact, several thousand analytical procedures are carried out on products distributed by MARR, according to pre-defined sampling schedules.
These procedures are carried out in the MARR analytical laboratory and in licensed external analytical laboratories. The MARR laboratory is fully equipped to carry out routine analyses on foodstuffs using methods consistent with current national and international practice and employs technical staff who have graduated in Food Science and Technology, and Biological Sciences.
In order to maintain food safety throughout the supply chain, MARR also utilizes advanced identification systems which guarantee traceability from reception at our storage depots to delivery to the client. The traceability system allows MARR to certify the documented history of a product or class of products and the specific related responsibilities by means of the identification and recording of the physical flows which connect the supplier, MARR and the client, thus permitting the complete withdrawal of products from the market in cases of states of alert or non-compliance detected as a result of self-control procedures.