Italian leading company in Distribution to the foodservice sector.

MARR is the leading company in Italy in the specialised distribution of food products to the non-domestic catering sector (foodservice).

Economic results
In 2016 the MARR Group reached total consolidated revenues of 1,544.4 million Euros, consolidated EBITDA of 111.0 million Euros, consolidated EBIT of 92.7 million Euros and consolidated net profit of 58.5 million Euros.

MARR operates nationwide and serves foodservice operators, both commercial (restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, holiday villages) and collective (company canteens, schools, hospitals), with a product range that boasts around 10,000 different food articles and 8,000 related items (amongst which are kitchen equipment, crockery and linen).

Reference Market
MARR operates in a market (including drinks) that is valued at around 16.0 billion Euros, and that is characterised by opportunities that are induced by both the growth of the foodservice sector and the increasing demand for a complete and organised distribution service.

Business model
In the Italian foodservice sector, MARR is an intermediary between the producers or transformers of food products and the operators in the commercial or collective catering sectors. In particular the Group is supplied by chosen suppliers (over 2,200) from all over the world, sub-dividing it's own market into five food and non-food product categories (seafood, meat, grocery, fruits and vegetables and equipments) which it offers through four sales channels (distributions centers, cash an carry, agents with warehouse and partnerships) to its clients comprising Street Market (restaurants and hotels not belonging to Chains and Groups), National Account (Chanis and Groups of hotels and restaurants and Canteens) and Wholesale operators.

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Reference point for the Italian Foodservice
With 45 years of experience, MARR is a reference point for the catering sector, and presents itself as unique supplier of a wide range of products at national level with various types of conservation (frozen, fresh, and room-temperature), able to ensure a timely and careful service and to satisfy the various and ever-changing requirements that characterise the different segments of clients served, in a personalised and rapid way.

Competitive advantages
The main characteristics that contribute to the competitive advantage of MARR are: the wide range of products, competence of the commercial structure, efficiency of the logistics system, capacity for product innovation.

The MARR Group employs over 800 people, moreover the Organization includes over 800 sales agents and a network of truck drivers self-employed with about 700 vehicles.