Private labels - Meat


Thanks to 40 years experience in the Foodservice, MARR searches for and selects the best raw materials from the main Italian and foreign producers. Our direct knowledge of the world markets enables us to present ourselves to the Foodservice sector as a quality partner, reliable and careful in terms of Customer requirements, offering a wide range of meat products of all kinds, in addition to innovative and exclusive brand lines with a high service content.


GREENEST FIELDS (Refrigerated meat):
MARR has chosen the best meat producers from the green pastures of Ireland for this exclusive brand line. GREENEST FIELDS provides cuts both on the bone and boned and an innovative line of portioned products with a high service contents
ABERDEEN BEEF (Refrigerated meat):
From the rich Scottish countryside comes an exclusive selection of beef and ovine products under the exclusive Aberdeen Beef brand. A line of products to satisfy the most refined palates, thanks to its international IGP (Protected Geographical Identification) status.
PLAINES VERDANTS (Refrigerated meat):
MARR has selected the best CHAROLAIS and LIMOUSINE animals from the attractive French countryside to produce the best cuts of meat, which are distinguishable due to their pink colour, low fat content and large size.
BLACK QUALITY (Refrigerated meat):
The best groups of breeders have been selected from the unending prairies of the Argentine Pampas, capable of transferring all the passion and quality of Argentine meat to your table, with the BLACK QUALITY brand.
American Angus Beef (Refrigerated meat):
From the land of the cowboys, MARR has selected the best farms, capable of producing tender and finely mottled (distribution of fat tissue in muscles) meat which makes the American Angus Beef brand unique to its kind.
TAVOLA REALE (Refrigerated and frozen meat):
A range of over 60 fresh and frozen meat products with a high service content already processed or prepared and suited to quick cooking, TAVOLA REALE is an exclusive line including poultry, beef, pork, ovine and game products.

TERRAS VERDEJANTES (Refrigerated meat):
From Brazil, MARR has chosen a partner which, through its organization, guarantees excellent quality standards, following all the production phases from raising to processing meat in individual cuts, thanks to highly professional and experienced personnel. Unique traditions and tastes which TERRRAS VERDEJANTES intends to transfer to your table.
CARNEMILIA (Refrigerated and frozen meat):
With a significant heritage and experience, CARNEMILIA offers over 300 exclusive and selective meat products (veal, beef, port, ovine and equine) to the catering sector, processed by specialist operators with high quality and hygiene standards.