Private labels - Grocery

A wide range of products dedicated to the first and most important eating moment of the day, breakfast. An offer ranging from coffee, milk, chocolate and the main soluble products to jam, honey and spreadable creams; from concentrated fruit juices to a selection of yoghurts, from ready prepared croissants to various types of cereals. Quality, taste and wellbeing for your breakfast.
A line of “mini croissants” of high quality, guaranteed by the quality and richness of the ingredients used to make them. Because of their specific characteristics of easy preparation and versatility, they are an excellent choice for eating at any time, for breakfast, during a coffee break or for brunch or buffets and at any time when the variety and mix of aromas and tastes will enhance the occasion.
An exclusive line of single-portion jams and honey in elegant packaging, but especially of excellent quality thanks to their high fruit content and a natural source of nutritional value and energy. Available in 28 g glass jars and in 25 g aluminium trays in different fruit flavours, raising the level of service and quality of the product offered.
Over 80 items from among the best of national farming produce, obtained through the careful selection and processing (from fresh) of the raw materials, carried out by specialised and certified producers according to specific procedures and exclusive recipes. Basic products with an excellent unitary yield and specialities vital for dynamic cuisine, always up to date and for all seasons.
A brand dedicated to olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, which are basic elements of Italian cuisine and tradition. A balanced and qualitative mix of oil from the EU, with a significant presence of Italian oil, ideal for all condiments and uses in cooking, offered in the most practical formats. The range is complemented by an elegant bottle of 100% Italian extra virgin oil. 
A very rich range of products including different categories of goods, characterised by their quality and undeniable service content. Optimising preparation times, simplifying complex procedures and valorising the end result are goals that are easily achieved with the Tavola Reale range of products, maintaining the right balance between the innovation, flavours and tastes of the best Italian cooking traditions.