Private labels - Seafood


In order to bring seafood to the major catering segments daily, MARR has chosen the best and most reliable suppliers of seafood products from all over the world, ensuring constant supplies of the best varieties of fish products. The fish chosen by MARR is checked, processed, packaged and sent to its customers through a capillary and punctual delivery service.

An exclusive range of seafood products, including selected mixes of guaranteed quality, ideal for preparing hors d’oeuvres and seafood salads, enriching main courses and preparing delicious meals. The products are thought up and prepared to provide added value in terms of ease and speed in preparing professional, modern and innovative dishes.

A rich line of seafood products with a high service content, obtained through specific dedicated processes and using exclusive recipes. A choice ranging from numerous types of thick and homogeneous fish slices to ready prepared skewers, from carefully processed fillets of certain types of seafood to ready prepared products using the best ingredients, from the highly valued lines of scampi to calamari in all the most sought after sizes. Reduced or merely protective coatings and the quality of the raw materials ensure excellent quality.
C BOX      
A heterogeneous line of seafood products of great interest and potential in the kitchen. This line includes all the most used products in the professional catering sector, from cleaned squid to calamari (rings and tentacles), sole, scampi and small octopus to different types of fillets (plaice, halibut, Nordic extra cod), all provided in the best sizes.