Chosen from a large number of recommended sources, the meat products offered to the foodservice market by MARR include the brands of the finest producers. They are divided into generously-sized pieces and packaged in order to preserve goodness, tenderness and freshness right up to the moment of consumption. All of this is the fruit of 40 years of experience.  

Among MARR’s meat products you will find:


The veal marketed by MARR comes from the most important Italian and Dutch producers. There is a wide range of cuts, both on the bone and boneless, and fresh and frozen, all characterized by the unmistakable white/pinkish color which distinguishes this kind of meat from others.


In order to meet the high standards of quality and production required by the market, MARR offers a range (fresh and frozen) of on the bone, boneless, portioned and private label products, all obtained from the finest Italian and international producers (intra- and extra-EU).


A range of Italian and foreign products from leading producers within the sector.
MARR’s poultry line also includes the exclusive products (both fresh and frozen) of the Tavola Reale brand, developed for a professional foodservice which requires both quality and consistency.

A complete range of fresh and frozen products selected from the best Italian and European producers. A range of on the bone, boneless and portioned products, manufactured according to the standards required by the market.


From market leaders in Europe and beyond (New Zealand and Australia), MARR selects the finest meat for its special range of fresh and frozen products, manufactured according to the standards required by the modern foodservice industry.


A line of fresh frozen products (wild boar, deer, roebuck, hare, etc.) from carefully selected suppliers. A raw material with unique characteristics, endowed with a special, rich flavor.


Horse meat
A niche selection from the best international suppliers, consisting of the main fresh and frozen cuts requested by the professional foodservice industry.