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We have given our private labels to a wide range of high-quality products…


MARR: supply agreement of food products to Province of Bolzano signed

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MARR - Leading company in Italy in the specialised distribution of food products to the non-domestic catering (foodservice) sector.

This has been our speciality for over 40 years. MARR serves over 38,000 clients (restaurants, hotels, pizza restaurants, holiday villages and canteens), with an offer that includes 10,000 food products (seafood, meat, grocery, fruits and vegetables and equipments) with a unique offer of private laber products and in exclusivity. The MARR Group has a commercial organization of over 700 sales agents, a nationwide logistical-distribution network of 33 distribution centers, 5 cash and carry, 4 agents with warehouse and about 750 trucks.

In 2013 the MARR Group reached total revenues of 1,364.7 million Euros (+8.3%), EBITDA of 94.9 million Euros (90.3 in 2012), EBIT of 80.0 million Euros (77.1 in 2012) and Net Profit, after the minorities, of 46.7 million Euros.

MARR is a difficult concept to replicate; we are proud of this success.