Corporate Bodies

 Board of Directors

Name and Surname              Office
Paolo Ferrari Chairman
Francesco Ospitali Chief Executive Officer
Pierpaolo Rossi Director (executive)
Claudia  Cremonini  Director
Vincenzo Cremonini Director
Marinella Monterumisi Director (independent) (1) (2)
Alessandro Nova Director (independent) (2)
Ugo Ravanelli Director (independent) (1) (2)
Rossella Schiavini Director (independent) (1)


(1) Member of the Remuneration Committee and Member of the Control and Risk Committee

(2) Member of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee


 Board of Statutory Auditors

Name and Surname Office
Massimo Gatto Chairman
Ezio Maria Simonelli Statutory Auditor
Paola Simonelli Statutory Auditor
Alvise Deganello Alternate Staturory Auditor
Simona Muratori  Alternate Statutory Auditor


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